Fear is a mechanism and an emotion that allows us to identify and act on danger. Only in most cases, fear is unnecessary and destructive to the person.

It can even go circling where a fearful thought creates a fearful emotion and the fearful emotion creates fearful thoughts. Only to leave you trembling afterwards.

Today we are going to learn how to let go of anxious thoughts, but also how to bend them, which is sometimes necessary to learn to let go of them.

Come with me and i’ll show you how to do it.

First accept the fear and the thoughts around it before you can let them go.

This is often a difficult part for many people, because you prefer to hide those fearful thoughts as far as possible. Yet it is important to accept both the fear (emotion) and the fearful thoughts for what they are. Because that’s what they want; be accepted, so that you can let them go in freedom.

But how do you accept those anxious thoughts? By intending and setting out that they may always be there, that you love them so that they can be experienced. And this can feel very counter intuitive. Try to experience the fear that lives in you, so that the fear can again pass through your emotional system and then dissolve it in freedom.

embrace your fearsEmbrace your fear

As described above, you may also love the fear, after all, it is from your consciousness where this fear originated and therefore a part of yourself. So if you also want to love yourself ultimately, you can also accept that fear and love it completely. We do this with the so-called embracing.

Embracing usually comes after accepting. It’s an active thing you can do to lessen the anxiety. After all, you comfort yourself and this will be picked up by the subconscious like a parent comforting his own child.

Practically speaking, you can grasp the area of ​​your abdomen with your consciousness. Just like you can feel your hand or your toe when you bring your attention there. Where do you feel the emotion or the fear? Anxiety tends to run all over the body, with most of the emotions mostly around the abdomen area.

Grab the energy of the fear a little and embrace it, grab it and love it, no matter how hard that might be. You can also talk to it to make it calmer. You are actually talking to a younger you from the past through your subconscious.

You will see that it is getting quieter. If you’ve done this for 5-10 minutes, attach a positive action to it, otherwise you’ll wallow in fear (or any other emotion). Go clean up, play sports, go for a walk in nature or do some shopping.

If you keep repeating this, the fear will become less and less. Take plenty of time for this, but keep faith that it will decrease.

have trust and confidence
Have Faith and confidence

Do not only have the confidence that you can let go of the fearful thoughts, but in general have more confidence in life and in yourself. Because trust is the medicine for fear.

How do you create more confidence in life and in yourself? One of the exercises that you can do is to pronounce a sentence (a confirmation) that is at odds with the suspicious thought every time you do not have confidence in something. Keep repeating this each time so that it can slowly start to change.

Another tool that you can do on its own or in combination with the above exercise is the heart coherence exercise from heartmath.org. This exercise is explained in detail in the video below.

Here’s the video:

Bend your anxious thoughts

Before you can let go of anxious thoughts, there is often a preliminary stage of turning anxious thoughts. Because if you really only have fearful thoughts, they will not let go of you sooner, because there is not enough positivity in the form of positive thoughts, which brings it more into balance.

The best thing you can do is change your mind. The first thing you do is not believe the fearful thoughts. Then you put a positive thought in front of it, so that you are programming the subconscious.

The more often you do this, the faster you will automatically get positive thoughts. You may have already noticed, but in essence it is more programming than bending, because at some point the positive thoughts come naturally.

Exercises in Trust

When you are in fear letting go of thoughts is almost impossible and this is especially true for the people who are filled with fear. All of these tips above will help to let go and redirect fearful thoughts, but sometimes you just need to practice letting go before the thoughts let go of you.

Every time a thought arises, say to yourself, I’ll let go and come back in peace..

You will see that those anxious thoughts will not just stop and persist, but the more you practice and accept that this hear the process of letting go, the thoughts will diminish and you will move more into the Now, where your true peaceful Being is.

So accept that you have a struggle every now and then, surrender to it and let the thoughts go. With time you will get better at this, even to a point where these fearful thoughts start to let go of you. Or that you automatically get more positive thoughts because you have practiced bending.

how to let go of anxious thoughts
Conclusion Letting go of anxious thoughts

Letting go of anxious thoughts is very difficult. They seem to stick to you and the emotion of fear often generates more anxious thoughts. Still, there are ways to get out and actually let them go.

As I often describe, letting go of any emotion is a process in which you can also get better. Therefore, give it plenty of time to learn this.

A trusted greeting,

Lucas van Wateringen